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When you contact us about a health care concern, you can be sure that our experienced nurses will answer your questions courteously, confidentially and professionally, using the latest medical knowledge.

We are dedicated to the philosophy that "Healthy kids learn better" and are here to assist in meeting the health care needs of the students in the Stewart County School System. For assistance with immunizations, health conditions, medications, or special needs, please feel free to contact us.

Janie Cunningham.png
Stewart County High School

Janie Cunningham, RN
Director of Health Services

P. O. Box 422

Dover, TN   37058

Phone 931.232.5179

Fax 931.232.3119

Chastity Lackey.png
Stewart Co Middle School

Chastity Lackey, LPN

P.O. Box 1001
723 Spring Street
Dover, TN  37058
Phone 931.232.9112

Fax 931.232.4608

Christina Wallace.png
North Stewart
Elementary School

Christina Wallace, LPN

2201 Hwy 79

Big Rock, TN   37023

Phone 931.232.5505

Fax 931.232.8139

Courtney Tuttle.png
Dover Elementary School 

Courtney Tuttle, LPN

P. O. Box 130

Dover, TN   37058

Phone 931.232.5442 

Fax 931.232.3106

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