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APSU PELP and Honors Programs

Admission to the President’s Emerging Leaders Program (PELP) is restricted to twenty students per year.  Those students must have a minimum 3.5 GPA (unweighted) and should have a 26 or better on the ACT; they also complete a written application and an interview with the director and some current students.  Those who are selected receive a $3,000.00 annual scholarship for all four years. They also receive priority registration and 24 hour a day access to the Honors Commons, an area restricted to Honors and PELP students. PELP students take one, one-credit hour course in leadership each semester.  Also, in the junior year there is a trip, currently to Washington D.C., to meet with various government leaders

All expenses are paid for that trip.


The Honors Program admission requirements are also 3.5 GPA and 26 or better on the ACT.  Students in honors take more challenging and interesting courses with a view toward interdisciplinary studies.  This fall, for example, one group is taking a History of the Beatles that includes elements of music, art, politics, and philosophy. Last fall a Biology professor taught “The Science of Zombies.”  These courses are only open to Honors Program students. 


To apply to APSU, please visit:


To apply for PELP, please have your students visit:


For Honors:

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